We are Best in Consulting Services

We are consultants for consultants.Based on our experience in developing difficult projects,we bring the proper people along to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

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Head Office
Level18 YEBISU Garden Place Tower,4-20-3,Ebisu,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,150-6018 JAPAN
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(+81) 3-4405-7512
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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We Create Investment Opportunities

We carry out creative ideas from scratch by fusing experience of walking in the field including mountains and abundant financial strategies.


Our Portfolio

We handle all kinds of resource-related projects, from coal-related projects to forest trading for emission trading.


What are clients say

"How is it convenient? Please give us an overview."

Toshio Sakai

"I think this is because we understand the field, finance, and the placement of people.Our deals are very unique. From small to large deals, including trilateral transactions."


Latest Opportunities

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